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At definitive bikes, we care about the bottom line. Who is definitive bikes? Our Mission To inspire and nurture the human pedal power - one person, one pedal stroke at a time.
At least half of human impact on the planet comes from our
lifestyles - the choices we make every day. Where, and how, we
travel. What we eat. What we wear. The stuff we buy, and how we
get rid of that stuff when we're done with it.

We cannot wait for someone else to change. We are the ones we
have been waiting for!

                                   Our Commitment:
We are committed, as business and community leaders, to the
well being of both economic and ecological systems of both
humans and other living things.

We envision our company, suppliers, customers and our
community doing business in ways that:

· preserve, protect and ultimately enhance the living systems
   of this region, and the planet - that sustain our business
   and the larger human economy
· provide ever greater value in meeting the real needs of our
   customers, suppliers and communities

                             To do this we will:
· treat employees, customers, suppliers and stake holders
   fairly, honestly and respectfully
· take responsibility for the safety of our products/services in
   their intended use
· take responsibility for the safety of our activities for
   employees and communities
· take responsibility for the safe "end of life" recovery and
   reuse or recycling of our products

We will pursue these steps with a commitment to future
generations, continuous improvement and open dialogue with our
customers, stockholders, suppliers, and communities.

Please let us know how we can improve Definitive Bikes
greenness by submitting your stories and ideas here.
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The high number of cycle fatalities every year, especially in the
months leading up to the Cape Argus Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Tour,
led to the launch of a ‘Safe Cycling’ campaign in 2011 by the
Pedal Power Association, and a demand of the Western Cape
government to pass a law to separate cyclists and motorists by
1.5 meters, and more recently, the "a metre matters"
Definitive Bikes also subscribes to and promotes this
awareness campaign (our vehicles are all branded with the "a
metre matters" rule).

While cyclists project that motorists are at fault when there are
cycling incidents, it is clear to see on Twitter that many
motorists are annoyed at the disrespect shown by cyclists for
the rules of the road, for riding two or more abreast, for riding
in the middle of the lane without making space for motorists, for
swearing at motorists daring to hoot at them, and for breaking
many rules of the road. 

While motorists may try to keep the distance of 1 meter, they
are dependent on cyclists keeping to the left of the lane, so that
they do not have to drive into oncoming traffic. The bumper
stickers are designed for cycle-friendly motorists, who want to
help by becoming safe cycling ambassadors.

The safe cycling awareness ride message has hit home to
cyclists and motorists alike. 

Cycle safe and drive safe - a metre matters!

a metre matters
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