Definitive Bikes Teams Up With Team Mad Macs

Definitive Bikes is honored to be backing Declan Sidey & Max Sullivan of Team Mad Macs this year.

Team Mad Macs is a cycling team based in Stellenbosch/Somerset-West with an ethos of developing students and youngsters into professional cyclists. The team was founded by Alex Heward (an ex-Maties cyclist) and is named after the team’s main sponsor, Mad Macs Motorcycles. There are currently 8 riders in the team for 2018, Alex Heward, Declan Sidey, Max Sullivan, Jonathan van Gesselleen, Greg de Vink, Rocco King, Shaun Glover & Etnard Louw, all professional cyclists from Stellenbosch and Somerset-West.

The team’s riders have done exceptionally well, both locally and internationally, and we are positive that the addition of some top quality Definitive Bikes products will take them from strength to strength in the months/years to come.

You can find Team Mad Macs on Instagram (@team_mad_macs), Facebook (stelliescycling) and Twitter (@StelliesCycling).

Some of the products that we supply for Declan & Max


High-efficiency chains that are built to last. Developed through real world testing for engineered strength, Taya’s 12 speed chain is packed with smart features that keep the chain running and shifting smoothly, even in the harshest riding conditions.


We have a large range of high quality ABEC3 bicycle bearings.

Brake Pads

Our brake pads are sintered and are ideal for wet, muddy or dusty conditions. You will notice the increased performance at the end of your run.

Tyres – Tubeless Ready “The Dominator”

Designed from bikers riding experience, The Dominator has an excellent all-mountain tread with hi-gripping power and strong puncture protection.


Our high strength, stainless steel rotors have superior heat dissipation, and excellent disc wear.

Tubeless Valves & Removable Cores

Our valves are all threaded with removable cores and come in brass 34mm length. For the more serious bike, we have a super light aluminium valve with a length of 48mm.